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Use from the Open GApps project root, when updating files in app, priv-app, lib or lib64.
The other directories are to be maintained manually. Permissions must be sorted alphabetically.

Some APKs can only be retrieved from nexus images:
Download one of the latest Nexus Phone images from
If you don't use the image of a phone, some applications and libraries might miss, like the camera and/or the dialer.
Pay also attention that APK files are not lacking their classes.dex!

Extract the from from the tgz archive
Extract the system.img from the
Get sig2img from
Convert the system.img from a sparse android file to a disk-image file using android-simg2img: simg2img system.img system.raw.img
Open the system.raw.img using a disk-mount application

Import the following apks from the Nexus image using the

Copy the following files and folders from the Nexus system image to their corresponding folder.
Note that only the lib*.so files are architecture dependent, the other files can go into 'all':